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SRFS Drop-Shipping

Seamless Buy & Ship Direct


1. Sign Agreement with SRFS


2. Fill out and sign the agreement with ProWebBusiness below.


Provide branding, logo, product info to ProWebBusiness
PWB designs a client STORE FRONT on a Web page & Mobile page

Option 1: ProWebBusiness will provide a Link to this page for the client's website or social media

OR Option 2: Point a domain or a new domain from ProWebBusiness to this page. would point to a new page on the SRFS Site:

ProWebBusiness will create a PayPal button inside of the Client's PayPal Business Account for single items or a dropdown for multiple items. This button will be placed below the product(s) on their client Store Front.

ProWebBusiness Setup Fee

  • $65 One-time Client web page and mobile page Setup Fee (90 Minute Session; $75 per hour for setup time more than 1.5 hours.) 

  • $9.95 per month for upkeep--includes 15 minutes of changes/updates (cumulative); $75 per hour for updates over 15 minutes; Fee is collected annually in advance.

  • Total: $59+($119.40 (12x$9.95)=$184.40+$13.71=$198.11

  • New domain: additional $29.95 + tax annually for registration and Anti-Spam features and Privacy ($32.18 with tax)

3. Stock your items.

  • Customers buy a product on-line at by clicking the Client's PayPal button(s). The Client gets the order and payment immediately.

  • The Client must forward the PayPal Order to SRFS

  • SRFS ships the order DIRECT to the Customer

  • SRFS notifies the Customer and the Client that the product has been shipped.


FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW to create your SRFS Drop-Shipping Account with ProWebBusiness (SRFS Agreement is Separate).

CONTACT PWB for questions or for more information

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