NEW Buy & Ship Direct


  1. Fill in NEW ACCOUNT form

    • Provide branding, logo, product info to ProWebBusiness

      • PWB designs YOUR OWN Buy & Ship Web page​ & Mobile page

        • ​Note: You setup a Link to this page on your website

        • Point your domain to this page on SRFSRio's website

        • OR purchase a domain from PWB for $19/year with $7.95/year option for Anti-Spam/Privacy, which goes to your new page

      • 1 IMAP Email Account included 

        • Will be verified in your PayPal Account​​

        • Setup by PWB to send Ccs to your existing Email

  2. Sign Agreement with SRFS and Stock your items

  • Customers buy your product on-line

  • You get the PayPal Invoice to your Email

  • SRFS gets a copy of the Invoice (sent to

  • We ship...DIRECT to the customer

  • You get paid...INSTANTLY

ProWebBusiness Setup Fee

  • $99 ProWebBusiness Annual Fee

  • $49 One-time setup charge

  • CLICK to setup your Buy & Ship Direct Account NOW

    • $148 Total: $99 for the first year plus $49 Setup charge​

    • Includes 1 FREE IMAP Email account

The Process?

  • Viewers purchase a product from  YOUR page on the SRFS website

  • An email is generated automatically with the Order and Payment

  • You receive the monies immediately via PayPal (less the PayPal fee of 2.9%)

  • SRFS Rio receives a COPY of the email with shipping details--SRFS Ships the product

  • Note: Each vendor must contract with SRFS Rio as to the terms for SRFS Services

CONTACT US for more information

New SRFS Buy & Ship Account Form

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